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Centre for Disability Studies
Centre for Disability Studies
Rohtak-124001, Haryana (INDIA)

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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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About Us

The Centre for Disability Studies, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak feels immense proud being the First State University of the Country which started two RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) approved Diploma courses i.e. Diploma in Teaching of Indian Sign Language (DTISL-Only for deaf candidates) and Diploma in Indian Sign Language Interpretation (DISLI- Only for Hearing candidates) with an intake of 30 each in year 2022.

Sign Language Interpreting is a professional field with an excellent career and growth opportunities. On 29th July 2022, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi announced the introduction of Indian Sigh Language (ISL) as a language subject, which has also given an additional boost to the careers in sign languages in India. These professional course have extremely good career opportunities in both govt as well as private sectors such as schools, colleges, institutions and even as freelancers. As per provisions of RPWD act, NEP 2020 and Prime Minister Emphasis on ISL as a language subject, there will be demand for both ISL teachers and interpreters for providing accessibility.         

Sign language interpreters can be required in numerous setting such as academic, legal, medical etc. it is a challenging yet exciting filed. Imagine, One day an interpreter is interpreting for a court case and the next day they might be in a hospital interpreting for a patient. From interpreting complex Sanskrit shlokas for a session on spirituality to interpreting for a family situation, there are innumerable setting where sign language interpreting can be required. One may even get to interpret for the Prime Minister of India when he addresses the deaf community or interpret a movie for deaf audience. Interpreter with experience can also choose to specialise in a particular stream such as educational or conference interpreting etc. Learning sign language in an educational setting from deaf teachers & master trainers can become a life changing experience for deaf/community.

The centre intends to become a landmark institution for inclusive education in general and for deaf community in particular by imparting excellent education.


 To become a leading centre for disability studies that promotes inclusion, equality, and accessibility for people with disabilities by conducting research, providing education and training, and advocating for their rights and well-being.


 ØProvide education and training programs that equip students, professionals, and community members with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to effectively support and advocate for people with disabilities.

 ØProvide a supportive and inclusive environment that values diversity, promotes respect, and embraces the unique contributions and perspectives of people with disabilities.

 ØFoster partnerships and collaborations with disability-related organizations, communities, and stakeholders to enhance the centre’s impact and promote a more inclusive and accessible society.

 ØConduct research that advances knowledge and understanding of disability issues and promotes evidence-based practices that enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

 ØAdvocate for the rights and well-being of people with disabilities by engaging in policy and systems-level work that promotes their full participation and inclusion in all aspects of society.


  • Strength


  • First of its kind centre in State University of the Country offering two RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) approved Diploma courses i.e. Diploma in Teaching of Indian Sign Language (DTISL-Only for deaf candidates) and Diploma in Indian Sign Language Interpretation (DISLI- Only for Hearing candidates).
  • Established in NAAC A+ Grade State Government University with CGPA of 3.44.
  • Located in National Capital Region and well connected with Rail/Road transport.  
  • Great opportunity to meet and develop relationships with diverse people.
  • Dynamic Atmosphere at the campus offers social opportunities and a varied selection of extracurricular activities.


  •  Weakness
  • Unawareness in the society about these Courses.
  • Inadequate Infrastructure as per the need of Deaf students.
  • Deficiency of skilled/trained professionals/human resources.


  • Opportunities
  • Excellent career and growth opportunities.
  • After completing the DTISL course, Deaf student may become an ISL teacher.
  • After completing the DISLI course, Hearing student may become an ISL Interpreter.
  • Creation of awareness in the society as well as amongst the students of other courses.
  • Interpreters will become a bridge between Hearing & Deaf communities


  • Challenges


  • Enrolment of deaf students in DTISL courses.
  • Motivating healthy students to join DISLI Course.
  • Minimising the communicational gap between Deaf and Hearing Community.
  • Creating barrier free environment for the deaf people.


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Centre for Disability Studies

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